On March 14th, I posted the card below, which I titled "Te Amo," featuring an original vintage style girl that I drew.

Borqna, my blogging friend from Bulgaria, really liked it and asked if she could reproduce it.  I e-mailed her a jpeg of the line drawing and challenged her to use it in a design of her own.  My main request was that she not use it for any type of commercial use and with the understanding that I maintained full copyrights.  I wanted to inspire her, not have her imitate me.  She agreed.  Today, I was happily surprised to hear that she completed her card and posted it on her blog, Borqna.  This is her card:

I believe she did an outstanding job!  I'm especially impressed that she created an original design which reflects her own feelings.  The soft colors, with the textures of lace and the beautiful butterfly give the card a much more feminine feel.  She also wrote a very creative narrative, which I recommend that you read, since she wrote it in both Bulgarian and English.  You are cordially invited to follow my blog and leave a comment.  Let me know if you want to participate in my challenge.  Blessings!


Borqna said…
Thank you!
Very glad to read this. –£our card is the best! This is a really nice drawing!
I have long thought.
I did what I wanted most. So do painters. This I learned from you!
Thank you!
Good luck!
Arnoldo said…
I don't think of my card as best, just a different flavor. You are a gifted card maker too. Blessings!
Hi Arnoldo! You know they say that immitation is the greatest form of flattery. She was inspired by your art, and that is to be commended. You each did a lovely work of art. Thanks for your encouraging words, and most especially for your prayers. God is faithful to comfort me, and I am grateful for His people who have lifted me up in prayer. May God bless you.
Patrice said…
Both cards are just gorgeous! I hope you'll link up again this week at 52 Card Pickup!