Ask, Seek, Knock

As I mentioned during my last post, I helped my daughter pack up her dorm room this past weekend.  Therefore, when I saw this week's Collage Obsession Doors Challenge, I immediately though of a photograph I took last summer during the freshman students and parents' orientation of the Scoates Hall entrance door at Texas A&M.  Completed in 1932, it was originally the Agricultural Engineering building.  The theme also reminded me of the following quote by Jesus, in Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you."  Therefore, I also plan to submit this post to Word Art Wednesday Challenge #27.

I decided to make the collage in my art journal.  After printing the photograph, I did a wet on wet sanding around the perimeter.  This toned down the sharp edges in the image and created some spectacular blue and pink washes.  Next, I layered some scraps of paper around my page and stamped a couple of Martha Stewart leaves.  Once my photograph was dry, I taped it in an angle on the page.  I wrote the words "Ask, Seek, Knock" on a K&Company Brenda Walton sticker with sepia coptic markers, as well as the name of the scripture.  Using some pressed flowers, I made vignettes on the upper left and the bottom right corners.  As a finishing touch, I added a Punch Studio dimensional sticker of a  bird couple and stamped portions of the leaf stamp around the bottom edge.

Although I had an idea of what I wanted, this was one of those projects that led me through its development.  I enjoyed working on it, and would love to hear what you think.  Blessings!


Another amazing work of art created from the heart, Arnoldo. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us and joining our challenges at Word Art Wednesday. You inspire me, and I've met some incredible artists through following your blog. Have a blessed week, and thanks so much for sharing!
Karen L
Word Art Wednesday
√úlle said…
beautiful picture and masterfully done.
Wendy Swenne said…
Great page. Love the door image. Love the color (my fave color :-) )
Love how all things match together.

Thanks for playing along with us at WAW.

Wow, this is wonderful!
Eila A said…
Arnoldo, your art journal page is absolutely beautiful! The pressed flower look stunning, and the whole page is a real work of art. - Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!
Winnie said…
Such a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing your process! I haven't tried journal pages yet, and you made it sound like I could try. Love the image and the sentiment!
I love it. It's gorgeous! The flowers in the foreground sets it off nicely.
Kaylene said…
Very creative, I love the effect of the sandpaper on photographs. Cheers
Tiffany said…
Arnoldo, what a beautiful piece. I love that you did it by hand, and that you added so many layers/elements.

Blessings to you, too!
Borqna said…
Arnoldo, your art journal page is absolutely beautiful!
/I apologize that sometimes call your pages - cards. I do this out of habit - I mean - your projects./
I have fun and learn a lot from your blog./ For example -
James Vincent McMorrow and the Scoates Hall entrance door at Texas A&M /
Interesting, what are the dimensions of this your art journal?
Thank you, Borqna, and don't worry about calling my art journal pages a card. As to your question, the journal is 5x7 inches. I like the size, because I can easily take it with me. I'm thrilled you learn from my blog. Blessings!
Borqna said…
Hello, Arnoldo!
Thank you very much for this!
I am very chaotic when I do my cards. I do not respect size. So I am impressed with your art journal.
I think your art journal itself is a Challenge - "Keep the dimensions! Go To dimensions!"
I am tempted and I want to do something - book in which I can observe the size. Here I will keep my projects. Like you, Teacher.
/ Grin/

In Bulgaria are four days off - 24, 25, 26 and 27. I will make cards. With dimensions!

24. May - A Day of the Teacher! - Happy Holidays!