An Artful Journey

In my life's artful journey, I constantly find myself exploring different styles, techniques and formats.  This is evident in all my work, the way I dress and the way I decorate.  The only three constants in my life's artful journey are my love of family, nature and the Lord, who's my creator, savior and redeemer.  Sometimes I feel that this has hurt me as an artist, because I don't have a specific "look" to everything I create.  However, it's also allowed me to continuously explore, grow, and have a fresh perspective to my work.

Amistad Lake Sunset - Del Rio, TX
Digital Photography Crop
Lorik's Mandarin Orange Monday #84
52 Photos Project - {A place I would show you in my town}
Maria's Orange You Glad It's Friday #81

Quote from Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici
Art Journal Mixed Media/Collage
Piarom's Mix It Monthly - Abstracts
Collage Obsession - Under
Eva & Kristin's Paint Party Friday - 3rd Blogoversary! 
Illuminated Lettering Study
Art Journal Journey - A Fantasy Scene
Denise, Roger & Leslie's ABC Wednesday - I is for Illumination
Inspiration Avenue - Green
Manga Portrait Study
Art Journal Sketch
Paper, Paint, Pencils, & Pens!
Jenn' In the Studio
Alexandra's Sunday Sketches
Vintage French Soldier
Mixed Media Tag
Tag Tuesday - Maps, Charts & Diagrams
Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge - Tag It!
Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge - D is for Distress
STAAR - State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
Students' Hand Silhouettes & Doodling on my Classroom Door
Julia's What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #249
Manon's Paper Saturdays
Jen's Artist's Playroom #97
Babies are Blessings
Layered Angle Origami Fold Wrap & Calligraphy
Order of the Opus Gluei Challenge 178 - B for Baby
Karen's Word Art Wednesday #123
Ramona's Inspire Me Monday #115
What do you think about artful journeys?  I'd love to hear what you think about my journey, as well as your personal journey.  Blessings!


Electra said…
I love your always amazing art, Arnoldo, it makes my heart sing! That little British guard is so cute. And B is for Baby is perfect for our alphabet challenge at Opus Gluei, it's always wonderful to come and see what you have created for our challenges! Thank you for playing along!
sheila 77 said…
How boring it would be to use the same style over and over. I always find something interesting and different here.
I love your lady unicorn (definitely a female unicorn!) and the rose, a love(ly) entry for the fantasy theme.
Tiffany said…
Beautiful work (as always)!
Kaylene said…
Lovely work thank you for sharing
Netty said…
Love looking at all your wonderful works Arnoldo, I especially love the abstract piece for MIM, Annette x
Leovi said…
Me encanta esta bonita foto, maravilloso atardecer!
You are always illuminating!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
April said…
As always your art work is gorgeous. I admire your love of art and our Lord Jesus Christ. April #6
peggy aplSEEDS said…
I never know where my art journey will take me and I think it's fine if we don't have a specific look. After all, Picasso's early work looks nothing like his later works.
happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@17
all this looks simly gorgeous Arnoldo!

Robyn Oliver said…
Hi Arnoldo, they say 'variety is the spice of life' so I say keep exploring all your facets. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#24
Belinda Basson said…
Wow, what a lot you have done. They are really great, all so different and interesting. #34
Neil said…
Good morning,
just popping my head around the door to say Hi.
Thanks for sharing your creative place this morning and I hope you have a good and creative rest of the week. I think it is good not to have a specific "style" in some ways, it keeps people on their toes cause they never quite know what you'll do....
Neil #31
Nikki said…
I have to agree art takes you where it wants to go I'm all over the place with my creations at times why be stuck in a rut when there is so much to try. Hugs Nikki 10
Jackie said…
Baby's are a blessing ! Loved that!
What a lovely photo you started with.
Some people really have a style or 'thing' they always do and do well, I have a friend who calls them one trick ponies!!!!!! I think that because you do such a broad variety of projects so it gives you a broad horizon of life!
Jackie 22
Barb Cady said…
Love all your pieces here Arnoldo, especially the photograph of the sun. If we never changed we would not develop so I feel like you as regards a 'personal' style. Thinking of your wondeful photo - no two sun sets/rises are ever the same are they? So our art should not be either. My personal ambition is never to stop developing until my last full stop! Barb x
Valerie-Jael said…
Beautiful variety of work again today. Stay true to yourself, that's the best way to be! Valerie
Julia Dunnit said…
I think, Arno, that your style is exactly that - the style of being able to embrace anything that you feel is creative. The gift f not putting yourself within boundaries. This week, I'm particularly loving the STAAR work on the classroom door - what a fab and inspiring idea.
chrissie said…
I love that you can do so many wonderful works of art and we can be inspired by what you created

Love Chrissie x
Glenda said…
So many works of art here this morning! Thanks for sharing!
Glenda #55
VonnyK said…
Every time I come to your blog it makes me smile. Your art is so happy and vibrant, I love your style. Your pieces may be very different but they all instill peace and happiness. Just love it all. The art on the door is fabulous.
Have a great week,
Von #26
Jingle said…
These are wonderful! I really like your toy soldier tag a lot! Great work! Thanks so much for playing along with us over at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!
Paula (PEP) said…
The Artful Journey is one of surprises I think for one never quite knows where it might lead. I do think that your constants are very evident in your work & in a way those are the hallmark of your creations. You do have a style - there's depth in your creations which is quite unique to you. Also there is a variety with your creations that allows your reflective artful nature to show through.
I'm still exploring different styles & can't really say that I have a certain style either - I think we have our own unique hallmarks that show through in our ways of working.
Paula (PEP)
Mascha said…
I think that is a good way (earlier, than I've made ​​art, I did it just so)
I like to see, what you've created.
Unknown said…
I don't know if I said thanks for letting me stop and taking a peek. So thanks . Just doodle #5 and Roberta #4
peggy gatto said…
What a variety!!! Each is a little journey, 1 leads to another. You are a mixed media artist for sure!
It is fun to try lots of projects isn't it!
I do think you always show great energy, like you care!!!
Faye said…
Wonderful series of art pieces, Arnoldo. I like the way you use scripture in your works. A visit here is a visit to a peaceful, beautiful place.
Beverley Baird said…
Such a lovely array of art! So many great challenges!
Nancy B said…
I always enjoy seeing your art! What a great idea to take a picture of what you'd show about your town. I think I need to do that too! I love the face for the Manga portrait study and I did not know you were a teacher.
Maggie said…
I love all the different styles you explore. Thanks for sharing with us this week!
MaR said…
Amazing art work!! love the choice for "I"
I can so relate to what you are saying about developing style! I love your work and all the different genres you delve in! Great post!
Jez said…
You have produced an amazing amount of work here, and all so interesting. I love the French soldier and the stamps, the Sir Thomas Brown abstract, in fact everything, especially that photo of the wonderful orange sky over the lake.
I agree with you that it is both interesting and important to keep experimenting with new styles and processes to see how they suit our way of working - it is the only way we develop as artists.
All lovely work.
PiaRom said…
Arnoldo, it IS the spontanious aspect of your pieces that makes it so interesting to explore every single one of it...most of the time I feel the same way about my art too ;) I am stunned by your wonderful abstact and can´t get my eyes of of it!! I am pleased to have you with us on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny
Unknown said…
Each piece of art is outstanding. I do have a fondness for Origami which I folded for some time. It was when I noticed all the card folds and some handmade embellishments seemed to have their origin in it. This is a beautiful work of art and I thank God you shared your talent with us this week at Word Art Wednesday.
Blessings, Carole
I always want to draw/doodle after I have been here.
I always enjoy the creative journey you take your readers on, Arnoldo. You have a way of touching each heart in it's own special way. Good to see your art again. Hope and pray you're doing well.

I've got a new blog "home" and it's still easy to visit and leave comments.

I'm also having a giveway, too!
Leslie: said…
I enjoy how you express your creativity - it gives you the freedom to express yourself in any way that grabs you at the moment.

abcw team
Christine said…
lovely assortment of work this week Arnoldo!
Your work is beautifully creative and diverse! The sunset picture is breath taking
Netty said…
Came back to say, Happy PPF, Annette x
Deepa Gopal said…
The first click is awesome and the esp the French soldier :)
AM Zafaran said…
Love the variety and versatility of your art! Happy PPF!
Unknown said…
lovely work and you have been so busy creating!!!! Happy PPF!!!!
Candy C said…
Hello Arnoldo. I enjoyed reading your blog post and your dilemma of not having a specific "look" to your art. Honestly, I think that is a blessing to not be pigeon holed into a specific style. I get bored with that so easily. It's always fun to explore, experiment and try new things. I think your art is beautiful. Your sketching is lovely and how you often incorporate that into your art makes it truly your own. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! Enjoy your weekend. <3 Candy
Zana said…
Love your work this week, just love the abstract!
Linda Kunsman said…
I think variety in art styles and projects keeps one motivated and fresh. And I love visiting the variety of art you have to share each time. Your TX photo is stunning!
You have so many great pieces on this blog, Arnoldo. Such talent and so much enthusiasm for this craft you love. Thanks for sharing your art and your kind and encouraging comments with us. You are a blessing to me!
Word Art Wednesday
Dagmar said…
great variety of art-work !!!
your style is so fantastic and unique!! Hugs, Dagmar
Annabelle said…
Hi Arnoldo,
Love your Texas photograph and mixed media work.
Having constants, positives in your life is great and even greater in the ones you have chosen.
I believe exploring and discovering new ground in art opens windows that otherwise would have been left closed.The roads you travel bring to you a different landscape every time and every time a unique and original idea enters your mind and with these souvenirs you discover how each relates to another and become one giving forth offsprings and life to a new art piece. So I think it is all good!

Annabelle : )
Photos by Stan said…
Interesting and varied collection of images! Well done.
Giggles said…
Being true to who your are in your faith is the most important side of your art....authenticity all the way! Enjoy your beautiful journey my are doing wonderfully!

Hugs Giggles
Carola Bartz said…
I love to explore in art - obviously just like you do. It would be so sad to do just one style and then stick with it. Variety is so much more interesting. Why put yourself into a drawer and stay there? We practice and grow with the art we do, and of course it changes. Being open to a variety of art styles, techniques etc. keeps your art interesting and definitely unique.
Unknown said…
Happy Paint Party Friday! You are so creative, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend :) Tam
Lmkazmierczak said…
Shots of the sun never grow old....Love that you used stamps integrated into your soldier♪
bing said…
you have a gift that a lot of people wanted to have - to be able to see things in various ways. it may not feel as original but it offers a lot of perspective for others to see. cherish the gift!

oh, before i forget that first photo took my breath away!

Jeannette said…
Hi arnoldo,

Your works Looks truly amazing,i love your style,very lovely and peacefull,i like it that is so diffrent works you used.

Blessing Jeannette
Mona Pendleton said…
Fantastic projects! Great job coloring the soldier! Thanks for joining along with the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!
GlorV1 said…
Wow, just wonderful Arnoldo. You have been busy with all your great projects. Way to go.
Mail Adventures said…
I like your French soldier :)
Maria Medeiros said…
I'm delighted by your post! I'm also glad you don't have one style! How not exciting that would be. You are truly blessed for your various styles and I feel blessed to see such variety, I believe that your beliefs are truly important and I feel the same way about my family . Your pieces of art are truly special. Wonderful and happy PPF!
okienurse said…
Awesome lot of projects you are sharing today Arnoldo! Love how diverse your work is and how many different disciplines it covers. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie aka okienurse #72
lauren bergold said…
i struggle with the "style" question too; sometimes i think it's a weakness, and sometimes a strength. i try to remember that graphic designers & anyone in the "commercial" realm of the art world, needs to be able to be flexible and tailor each project/job to the specific needs being called for! plus, i just think it's more *FUN* to do a lot of different things, depending on mood!

everything you make is well thought-out, shows strong design principals, and is the result of careful, fastidious workmanship... how can that EVER be less than AWESOME??!?! ♥
lorik said…
I really like it that your work is so varied and interesting - full of surprises. I especially like your orange atmospheric landscape. Thanks for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday! It is good to be back:)
Chat Noir said…
Hi always surprised by the breadth of your work when I visit - I think of it as your willingness to explore and to follow a feeling. Having a "look" is over-rated (says she who prefers black and white) and can restrict you. I find when I venture out in order to make something for a particular person, that the result surprises me by its success. It is perhaps a gift to be inspired by others.

Thank you for playing with us at Opus Gluei - your baby gift is a beauty.
manomij said…
Happy Paper Saturdays! I think it is really good that you have so many different aspect to your art. It will all come together one day and now it is a time where you are growing and growing. I see you style showing through in every piece you make so I guess that can only be a good thing right? Keep it up I love to visit!! Manon­čśŐ

Hi Arnoldo! I came across your blog and I like it here. You do beautiful work! Regards from Poland and welcome to my blog:,
Arnoldo....all your art is amazing...and I love the variety. But, that photo of the sunset is a perfect capture. It exudes peace....I could look at it for hours.
Blessings for a week of Extraordinary creativity!
p.s. If you like...I host a link party that opens on Monday nights at 8 EDT. It's called Project Inspire{d}. Feel free to join us.
Kim said…
Wow, so many different types of art on your page. I love that you work in so many different styles. It must keep your life interesting and your creative spirit thriving. Happy SS
carol l mckenna said…
Very creative and versatile art work as always ~ Happy Week to you ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol
Unknown said…
I like your artwork and I love the illuminated lettering with the L. That is fantastic. You seems to have so many different styles, I like that. Enjoy your week!
Winnie said…
One of the many things I love about visiting you is that you are so versitile in what you create. I do see some special traits in your works that your weave into it that make it uniquely you! There is always a sense of peace to your work. Love your sketch and tag, and calligraphy. I just picked up books to try and learn it, but haven't tried yet!
Unknown said…
Loved your story about your cute greyhound. Funny Dogs we have!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Sunday Sketches!
Pia Drent said…
Hi Arnoldo - visiting from Paper Saturdays and I so recognise your swing between freely developing creativity and the apparent need to develop a Style! For now I am letting it develop itself, if at all. And so are you, it seems. It is always great to see how productive and creative you are.
Gorgeous series of artwork! Especially I like your beautiful unicorn!
Alice said…
you certainly stay busy and you do such beautiful work. i am really enjoying your sunset photo with the bridge in the background. perfect crop! and i think the unicorn 'love' piece is my next favorite. lots of versatility here. love your work!
Jen Price said…
Awesome! Sometimes I feel that way about my blog that I need to have a certain focus, but I love just writing about anything. God is so creative and limitless! Love your art, as always!
Becky said…
All I can say is I love it.

Becky x
Great artwork on here! I especially like your Toy Soldier/Nutcracker tag.