Give yourself a pat on the back.

I have Roger Von Oech's CREATIVE WHACK PACK app on my iPhone, and love to read the "Card of the Day" on a regular basis.  Today's card is about patting yourself on the back.  I believe this is important, because it may help us feel a sense of recognition, which is energizing.  This should come as a reward for our accomplishments and obstacles that we have overcome.  You may be asking, "how do you pat yourself on the back?"  In my mind, you may pat yourself on the back by sharing a glass of wine with a loved one, taking time to read a chapter or more of a book of your choice, working on a hobby, or anything else you may think of as being an indulgence.   One of my favorite things to do is to work on my art journal.  The following picture shows 3 of the pages in my journal in which I was playing with Zentangles (See Beez in the Belfry), Celtic drawing, and lettering.

How do you reward yourself?