Make It Personal

I've been making cards for family and friends ever since I was a child - and that's a long time ago!  I believe it is much more special, and the recipients treasure the cards forever.  I used to use only drawing and collage techniques to make my cards, so paints, colored pencils, markers, pens, ink, glue and scissors were my basic tools and supplies.  With the advent of punches, fancy scissors, etc, my cards have gotten fancier - LOL!  Below is a sampling of the cards I've made most recently for my daughters and one of their friends:

Original Drawing, Calligraphy, Dyed Paper Towel
(I used a the negative portion of a flower punch and embellished it with miniature beads.)

Original Collage Figure Over Hand Painted Background
(I used punches for the butterflies, flower, and corners, as well as a store bought tag.  The lettering on the tag was done by hand.)

Pamphlet Stitched Booklet and Envelope Decorated With Collage
(I used are a combination of recycled, hand decorated, and store bought papers.  Then, I combined the stamps, store bought and hand made, with drawing.  I used calligraphy for the booklet and letter punches for the envelope.)

Therefore, go ahead.  Use whatever skills you have and make a card for a friend.  You could use sewing, knitting, crochet, carving, jig-sawing, or anything else you can glue to the front of the card.  Be sure and let me know what you did, please.