Latin Lover Bean Award

I am proud to announce that I received the Latin Lover Bean Award, which was awarded by Sandra S. Bartholomew, author of Zentangle for Kidz! and 3 other books.  I can't wait to receive my goodies, but especially my signed copy of her book.  I'll be sharing it with my Gifted and Talented students in 1st through 5th grade.  I'm sure they'll love to tangle as much as I do.  I want to thank everyone that voted for me.  Blessings!

Sandra S. Bartholomew's "Army of Minions"

Latin L. Bean (Top Left Corner) with fellow award winners

Side view of my Artist Trading Card easel model (ATC - description here)

PS - I finished putting together my Safari bulletin board at school, but I'll wait to post a picture until my students' tangle their names and I include them in the display.


Zachary said…
Crazy...I entered Sandy's contest and won a book too! You can see my submission in the upper left corner - the little house.