You Are My Muse

I'm back in my studio!  I had a crazy week between my full time job, home duties, and a weekend trip with my family.  If it wasn't for my iPad and sketchbook, I wouldn't have had much art time this week.  However, we should be back to our regular routine in the Romero household for a while.  Thank you, Lord!

This week, The Play Date Cafe is being sponsored by Tanner Bell, a gifted and talented 13 year old who owns Mr. Cricut Crazy.  As a parent of 2 teenage girls and as a Gifted and Talented Specialist, I am truly impressed by this young man's accomplishments.  The PDCC124 color story that Jaclyn Miller presented for the week features raspberry, harbor and honey mustard, and was exemplified through the use of a glimmery looking photograph.  Therefore, during our trip I used my iPad, SketchBook Pro application, and a Bamboo Stylus to sketch out my muse.  In case you are wondering, my muse is my wife, whose love and support are my true inspiration.

I'm not an expert in digital art, but I am very much pleased with this piece.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Blessings!


Dottie Seubert said…
your so very artistic the colors are perfect , you did a outstanding job on this project.
~ Gos Bless~
ps: thank you for such a nice comment on my blog....
Thanks for your comment - I take that as a great compliment, because I think your artwork is so stunning!
Emilie said…
Wow this is stunning!!! Very "pop art"! And the colours work so well on this project too!
What a pleasure it is to meet you, Arnoldo! It's exciting to have a guy play in our challenge, as well as one sponsoring it this week. So cool!

Your digital piece is extraordinary. I really admire it!

Thanks for playing with us at The Play Date Cafe!
Thank you for your kind words, Colleen. This was an exciting color story to work with. Blessings!
A said…
gratuluję wyróżnienia, wiedziałam, że je dostaniesz! Twoja praca jest wyjątkowa! pozdrawiam
A. L. Romero said…
Thank you Didre for congratulating me for my honorable mention on his piece at the PDC. It means a lot to me coming from you because you're work is unique too. Blessings!
Ted said…
Arnoldo, congratulations on honorary mention! For a while now I've been trying to find your blog and am glad I've found it. This piece is stunning. You nailed it. God bless. :)
Thank you, Ted, and blessings to you too.
WOW this is a real BEAUTY!!
Amazing art work!!!

Love from The Netherlands,