Love is Kind

My maternal grandfather was a fun and loving man, who always had time for my brother, cousins and me as a child.  Therefore, although my maternal grandmother passed away several years before I was born, I knew my grandparent's marriage had to be based on kindness.  When I saw this week's Take A Word - Weddings challenge, I knew I had to use my maternal grandparents' wedding picture in a digital collage.  Using this week's Play Date Cafe PDCC 134 soft color story of apricot, canary, latte and rose, it was the perfect combination.  In addition, these colors fit perfectly with the Three Muses Challenge - Warm Colours!

©Arnoldo L. Romero 2012
I took a scanned image of the photograph and loaded it to a Sketchbook app in my iPad.  That became the first layer.  Then, I added a second layer and filled it in with a rose color, but reduced the opacity to have my photograph show through.  Next, I used a third layer to draw the bird scene and frame using a Bamboo Stylus.  Finally, I typed in the text.

As you may imagine, this was a very meaningful piece for me to work on.  I plan to print it for my mother and her remaining siblings.  I believe they'll like it.  As usual, you are cordially invited to leave a comment and/or join my blog.  Blessings!


Bill said…
Wow. You covered 3 challenges in one! But certainly nothing is more beautiful than a wedding. Great work.
Electra said…
This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing your process!
Junibears said…
A beautiful piece Arnoldo!
Jinny Newlin said…
Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!
Rosie said…
A really wonderful work. You've got a nice place here and make beautiful art
What a beautiful digital collage. LOVE the little birdies and the sentiment:) THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the PDCC!
This post touched me, Arnoldo! I loved the story behind this amazing piece, which is part vintage, part modern.

Thanks so much for joining us at The Cafe this week. :)

And thanks for the comment you left about my daughter's thank you cards...I so appreciate it!
Jos√© said…
Warm story and warm entry.
indybev said…
What a lovely family heritage piece, Arnoldo. I am sure your mother and her siblings will treasure it. Thank you for sharing your journey of creating it. We hope to see more of your work in the future!
WOW this looks so beautiful, and you wonderful is it to work with a family vintage photo!! I've still got pictures to from the wedding of my grandparents (and also a lot of other pictures), I think I should do something to with those wonderful photo's.
How sweet that you remember your grandparent of his kindness.
But your artwork looks AMAZING, just like all the projects you make. This blog brings so much inspiration!!

Love from The Netherlands,
Winnie said…
Such a pretty piece. I enjoyed reading your post and sharing the love your family holds for one another. Your mom and her sibs will treasure this. I have never seen something done with an iPad like this...Amazing.
Ozstuff said…
I love your artwork and the stories behind them. Your wedding piece is creative and touching and I'm sure your family members will treasure it. Thankyou for joining in at Take a Word.
Borqna said…
Oh, how I missed this beauty? I fell in love with this card!
I love the birdees, great job with the color choices too!