Pink, Green and Black

Do you have color favorites?  I love all colors, but tend to gravitate to certain color palettes depending on my mood or time of year.  This week my primary palette is pretty obvious, as stated in my title.  I looked up their significance and this is what I found out.  Pink is the color of love, green is the color of renewal, and black is the color of power.  With the changes I'm discerning for my future, I find their significance fascinating.  Only God knows.

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Anyway, in 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, Paul says, "However, as it is written: 'What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived' the things God has prepared for those who love him - these are the things God has revealed to us by his spirit."  Therefore, I continue to pray, be still, and God willing, soon have an answer.  Patience is definitely a virtue, and I struggle with it sometimes - LOL!

In closing, thank you for your heartfelt comments during my last post.  They were truly motivational and inspirational.  Blessings!


Christine said…
Lovely photo and card. Pink green and black work well together!
SandeeNC said…
Patience is a hard one for me too, love the color choices and the meaning behind the colors :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥
So lovely to see the different ways you used pink, green, and black! Beautiful pieces!
Carola Bartz said…
These are good color choices and I love how they go together.
I tend to like all shades of red, orange, sienna - earth colors, mainly.
Valerie-Jael said…
Lots of lovely work today. My fave colours change, but at the moment it's greens, blues and gold. Thanks for playing along with us at TIOT my friend, Valerie
Leovi said…
Que bonitas y tiernas miradas, un retrato precioso que ha merecido la pena escanear para compartirlo! Saludos!
Jez said…
I was intrigued by your clever abstract ladies, it is lovely, as are your beautiful little daughters - how quickly they grow!
I was also interested in your comment about colours. I agree that our choices seem to change with the season and weather. Yellow is dominating at the moment with longing for some sunshine.
Meggymay said…
I have enjoyed reading your post and seeing the wonderful projects. thank you for sharing one of them with us at TioT's.
I loved reading your post about the significance of colours, very interesting. Love your card the pop of colour is very eye catching and I love the stitching on the edges. Thanks so much for joining in the Simon Says Stamp ?Monday Challenge. Tracy x
Zoe said…
What a fab card, thank you for sharing with us at Rhedd and Rosie's, good luck, Zoe DT xx
Paula (PEP) said…
My eye keeps going back to your first project - such an interesting combination of media with dynamic movement & I'd imagine there is some resist between the oil pastels & watercolours. It will be fascinating to see how this progresses. I love the way you altered the photo for it looks beautifully vintage. Your country valentine card is a real delight - that little heart tag is such a lovely touch, especially with the stitching.
Hope you have a good week.
Paula (PEP)
Maggie said…
I'm so glad you shared at IA this week! I never made it in time, and I am the author of the challenge (shouldn't admit it maybe, but I've loved seeing everyone's Hearts and Flowers)! Your pink black and green color combination is beautiful, so refreshing! The significance of the colors we choose is very interesting.
manomij said…
Yes color can say a lot about us and I lovfe that color combination. Happy Paper saturdays! Manon :)
Annabelle said…
Some of my favourite colours as well. Patience is a hard one to keep , I'm always working on it.
I 've seen embroidery on paper, art work and this is very lovely the way you have stitched the border.Must try it some time.
Annabelle xx
denthe said…
That's an intriguing colourcombination, and I love the painting that came out of it!
Anonymous said…
Love the colour palette and the card.

Thanks for joining us at Rhedd & Rosie Challenge Blog.

Moira DT xx
Linda Kunsman said…
that is such a beautiful painting Arnoldo and the title is so fitting. Lovely car too with all the trim and stitching! Keep the faith, knowing your answer will come. Have a great week.
Netty said…
Smashing projects Arnoldo, colour is such a transient being, depends on how we are feeling at the time, you are obviously spot on with this. Annette x
STUNNING painting!! My favorite colour is red and I use red and pink tones a lot. But favorites colors by mood sounds also very much of FUN! The valentine card is adorable and the kids are super sweet!

With love from The Netherlands,
1CardCreator said…
Your art is very moving, beautiful piece in Pink,Green and black and I love the stitched look of the canning jar card too. ~Diane
Irene Rafael said…
I do have color favorites or colors I gravitate toward in my paint palate. I also notice the colors I do not use and try to push myself to use them. I have been delighted with the results. I enjoyed reading about the significance of color. your use of greewn and pink is unusual and very pleasing. thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments.
Mrs.B said…
Hi Arnoldo, This is a great card.
Thanks for sharing with us at TioT
Avril x
Debbie said…
your post is interesting, I didn't know that about the 3 colors you mentioned. Anyway, your art is wonderful as always!
Prairie Jill said…
Beautiful colours! I love your 52 Photos image - great shot and nicely edited!
Barb Cady said…
Lovely post, Lisa's card is great and I love the photograph but my favourite is the abstract ladies. Colour is very healing, the heart chakra is often portrayed as green for balance with a beautiful pink rose for love emerging. They seem the right colours for you at the moment! Inspiring work as ever Arnoldo! Hugs, barb x
I change like the wind with what my favorites! I love that you used the word 'discerning'...a lot to ponder and God's will always wins anyway. Great post and great art!
Kelly said…
Those are some of my favorite colors and black is always there for my anchor! Love your artwork and the photo of your girls, so sweet!
Thanks for the thoughtful scripture again, patience, we all struggle with!
Hugs Kelly
zandra said…
Pink and black one of my favorite combo. Love the added hand stitching,very pretty. Thanks for playing with us at TIOT.
Hugz, Z
Winnie said…
Your abstract is just lovely (I love your choices of colors...). Your wife is going to love her card as it is so fun and creative, that Ball jar is amazing as is all the stitch work. Your girls as little ones must have brought back fond memories.
DVArtist said…
Ooohhh pink, green and black. Great combo and design.
Leslie: said…
Such beautiful little girls! Yours? I'll be keeping you in mind and hope you'll let us know if your colours meant something.

abcw team
Melissa Bove said…
Such a thrill for me to look at your amazing work!! Just stunning work!!

Thank you very much for joining us this week at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog!

Sandy said…
Beautiful colours today on your page Love the flow of it..
Sandy :) #32
VonnyK said…
Your painting is beautiful, the colours work so well together. Just fabulous, I could look at it for hours. Love your card too.
Have a great week,
Von #30
Julia Dunnit said…
My favourite colour is yellow, but I rarely use it. I am very influenced by mood and trend actually..what an interesting post!
Annie Claxton said…
Wonderful image you have created there Arnoldo, I love the colours and the energy - it feels soft but powerful and makes me think of new beginnings. Happy WOYWW Annie C #65
Such pretty dresses!
ROG, ABC Wednesday
Francesca said…
Hi Arnoldo, long time no write. I love all colours,but mostly the purples and blues and green. Great photos. Blessing Francesca #78
Gail said…
Thank you for stopping by WAW and entering your lovely Ball Jar creation - have a blessed week - God is so good....... all of the time - Gail WAW GD
PiaRom said…
Arnoldo the card for Lisa is very the stitching elements and the colors are so gorgeous together! Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny
Unknown said…
Thank you for visiting! I can't get past the Mexican dress photo--I have a thing about Mexican dresses! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #18
fairy thoughts said…
lovely drawing, the colours work really well together, have a good week
janet #8
Hello Arnoldo! It has been ages since I paid you a visit, and wanted to say hello. :) I always love to see the different things you've been up to. I can always find something very unique here, and I love the way you write your posts.

The painting you show at the top of this post is mesmerizing!

Be well, and I hope you get your answers soon. :) Take care.
Shoshi said…
What a beautiful Scripture that is, Arnoldo - one of my favourites, and we need to remember this when the ordinariness of life, and awful weather etc. etc. get us down!

I love your artwork with its lovely colour combination. I sometimes need to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with different colours together as I tend to stay with the purples and blues!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #100
I love the ball jar on the card. Funny how color changes with our moods Peg R 25
Rita said…
I never thought to look up what colors mean or noticed if I have a favorite color palette. Nice! The girls look so cute!! :)
Candy C said…
Arnoldo...I thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It's always such a nice thing to have a visit from you. I have read through your last few blogs. Love your art work on all of them but I found your words to be what was so powerful. As I was reading, a Christian song by Stephen Curtis Chapman came to mind "Be Still". It is such a sweet and simple song but it's words so emotional. I think it is fitting for you and your search for discernment and better understanding of what God may have for you. Another song that I think might bring you some inner peace is Clay Crosse's "More Like You". It always speaks to me; especially when I feel myself getting caught up in the world rather than keeping my faith strong. Peace and love through our Lord and Savior my friend. <3 Candy
Giggles said…
I go through color phases...probably like the seasons!! Beautiful work I love the abstract and your daughters are adorable... I hope you are hearing the answers you need...let go and let what I do when I need answers or direction!

Hugs Giggles
stefanie stark said…
Thank you very much for sharing Corinthians 2:9-10. This is a wonderful text to start with into the forthcoming week (as I sometimes struggle too)! And I love your valentine card. the little red ribbon looks so cute and it matches perfectly with the stitched name!
Shoshi said…
Thanks for your visit, Arnoldo. I am glad to say that I've actually had some time to work in my ARTHaven this weekend, and just being in there has made me feel a whole lot better! I agree, though, even if one can't actually be doing stuff, the ideas keep on coming. If I were to put them all into practice I'd need two or three lifetimes, I think!

God bless you,
I absolutely LOVE your mason jar, and I'm guessing that Lisa loved it as well. Great card, and thanks SO MUCH for sharing it with us in this week's challenge. Have a blessed one!
Word Art Wednesday
Saints Rule! said…
Thank you for bringing to your art and posts what God lays on your heart! I always enjoy seeing your post at Word Art Wednesday!