H is for Choosing to be Happy

It is so easy to look at a glass as half way empty, instead of half way full; to ignore the positive aspects of our lives, and focus on the negative; and to put our trust in the mundane, instead of in the Lord.  During the last couple of weeks I had an extremely difficult time at work which drained me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  However, with the support of my family, friends, and especially my Lord, I feel much better this week.  I am consciously choosing to focus on my gifted and talented students, who are a joy to work with.  My students are a constant source of inspiration, and challenge me to be a better person personally and professionally.  In addition, I have my studio where I can rejuvenate and revitalize through my readings, explorations, and creations.  Most importantly, through prayer and Scriptural readings, the Lord guides me through the darkness to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you, Lord!

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I want to dedicate this post to everyone that left a comment regarding my last post.  I was feeling extremely tired and stressed.  Your comforting words made me feel happy!


Your wonderful page and your gorgeous tag are both splendid! Great that you feel better now with the help of god, family and the students!
Blessings Arnoldo!
Thank you for sharing that gorgeous page with us at Art Journal Journey!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post. Always a light when we choose to believe in the power of Spirit. Your striking piece is wonderful. xox
All your pieces are beautiful but your journal page with the little windows is really special. Yes, you must chose to be happy- I wish more people realized that instead of just expecting everything to just come to them. Those negative people can really bring you down, especially when life throws enough negativity at us anyhow.
Julia Dunnit said…
Your tea tag is just my cupo of tea - love all the images and colour. So glad you've managed to find some rejuvanation!
Valerie-Jael said…
Wonderful work, as always! Thanks so much for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie
Indrani said…
Wonderful creations. I am in love with that bookmark of tea hour. :)
Happy ABCW!
April said…
It is so true. You have to be positive and stay in your happy place. I try to be thankful for all the good Lord gives me - good and bad. He never steers me wrong. :-)
I am glad that you are feeling better this week.
April #45
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Your photos are totally awesome, thanks for sharing with us at our beautiful world!
Your optimism is inspiring.
Donna said…
Another very beautiful tag :)
Your work is very intricate... very detailed.
If you have the time, I would love to know how you've tied it in to this challenge.
Thanks for joining us at Tag You're It :)
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Hope the school reopening brings lots of joy to you.
Unknown said…
From the bottom of my heart: AMEN !!

We experience difficult times to... and from the almost 53 years that i am alive i have 42 years a poor health, Ofcourse there are moments in wich i am very sad, angry, disappointed and whatever negative emotional state but like you i always search for that light, however small.

Scripturereading, singing, listening, praying is what i do to but most of all i try always to be gratefull for the good things and those people who love me without any questions of negativness.

A wonderful post!!! wich reenforces me !!

Have a nice day
Melody abc-w-team)

Ann said…
I have become so sad over all our law enforcement being targeted and I'm leaning on the Lord to help us find a way to protect them and help solve what is happening.
Sharon Madson said…
I am glad our comments were an encouragement, and that you find comfort in our Lord. Your first project reminded me that our Lord is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. That is why we can get so much comfort from him. My favorite this week is the tea tag. I collect tea cups, teapots, and tea stamps! Thanks for sharing a lovely post. #48
I thought you seemed a bit down last week but hope you're feeling more yourself today. Love your tag with the cups Arnoldo and the sentiments. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20
So sorry you've had a rough time at work...not fun...I know from when I taught school. Office and school politics and I never worked...lol! I wish you much success! So glad you are escaping to art as well as all the other important places! LOVE that tag...the teacups are wonderful!!!
Virginia L. said…
GREAT post! Love your attentions to details. Each layer and placement of the elements are spot on! So glad that you join the fun over Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Make It Colorful” Challenge!
Leslie: said…
Really appreciate your sharing of difficult moments as I can relate. Even so, this week I just had to vent. Now with school around the corner and some of my students returning and already having one new one, I am feeling much better - excited about what this year will bring me both professionally and personally. Lots of changes coming up and looking forward to it all. I pray that your work situation will improve and with that, so will your energy level.

abcw team
Jeannette said…
love your window page and your lovely tag,both is amazing.
iam loved your studendts work allways,the way with god and family is so beautiful.

blessings jenny
Lmkazmierczak said…
Without some low points, we don't realize how happy we really are...Sounds like you have recognized some solutions and things are improving. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way...Your staging of tea time shows your attention to detail...perfect :)
mandysea said…
Oh my, I always love visiting here...its like a fresh breath of air in both reading and in seeing your artwork! Love both your pieces of art - they are amazing and especially love your shelves of jars of colour!! Fabulous! THanks for sharing with OUr Beautiful World, and hope work conditions improve for you. Lucky for our art, it can be the best down time.
Unknown said…
Your post was really an incentive to me and by the looks of it, many others. It is always wonderful to be thankful for what we have even in the midst of a miserable challenge. I like all three pieces of art but the tea time tag may be my favorite. Thank you so much for taking time to post your very creative art with us this week at Word Art Wednesday, in our 199th challenge.
Blessings and Hugs, Carole
What a fun tag, so many details, I'm not sure which part of the inspiration challenge you used, but we appreciate you playing along with us at Tag You're It Challenge.
Shoshi said…
I'm sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time lately, Arnoldo, but your faith for a better tomorrow is certainly in the Right Place! I always say that my glass is neither half empty or half full - it is pressed down, shaken together, and running over lol!! I love the art work you have shared with us this week.

Thank you for your lovely comment. If you hop back to my blog, you can see the art piece that is being published.

I hope you have a better week.
Kara Lynne said…
Thanks for the encouraging post. There's something about stacked tea cups that always make me smile. I love all the texture and detail on your tag! Thanks for joining in on the fun over at Tag, You're It!
Denise Price said…
Those little bottles of beads look like they must be fun to use. I enjoyed seeing your art.
--from Denise, OBW#6
Linda Kunsman said…
no matter what Arnoldo, you always see that Light peeking through and it shows in your words and in your art-Gorgeous projects-and I really love your "window" entry.
Christine said…
Lovely pieces this week Arnoldo, glad you are coming out of your school crisis.
Faye said…
In spite of stressful and trying times, Arnoldo, you manage to produce such beautiful art. Have a great Labor Day weekend and get refreshed. Just know that the Lord is using you in the classroom and online.
sirkkis said…
Your art is fascinating, Arnold. Thank you for sharing also with us at TioT.
Happy PPF ♥
Lynn Cohen said…
The first collage really rocks! Love the male feel to it. All your work is beautiful. Nice to visit here!
Beth Niquette said…
Thank you for your post. I know about that dark tunnel. Thank the Lord for walking with us, even though the way is hard. I love that you work with students. Young people are SUCH wonderful inspirations.

Your artwork is lovely. I especially love that first one.
Lisca said…
Lovely work Arnaldo. I like the tea cup tag.
Keep focusing on the light. Hope things are getting better once settled into the new school year. The kids need you as does your family.
Many blessings,
peggy gatto said…
I just adore that face!! Beautiful page!
sheila 77 said…
We always find positive thoughts here and do appreciate it.
Your first piece is very powerful and very intriguing, both your art and the lovely words. Your tea tag is so happy and cheerful, I do like it.
Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.
DVArtist said…
Hello Arnold! I am so glad to see that your art is still an inspiration as well as your faith and love. Nice to see you again.
Giggles said…
I am sorry for your frustration at this time. Your art evokes your feelings quite powerfully. Even though you have much support, during times like this I always ask myself the question, "what am I to learn from this?" It's surprising how it can change your perspective. Sometimes it is easier to focus on the good, rather than influence the negative. Just a thought... saying a prayer for you!

Hugs Giggles
Kate Robertson said…
Oh I loved the Tea Tag and your journal page is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Natalie said…
The Lord is so faithful to help us through the difficult times and more importantly helps to mold us and make us to shine Him more brightly through and because of the testing. We are the clay! Your artwork is beautifully done. Thanks for sharing with us at Word Art Wednesday this week, hope you'll join us next week for our 200th challenge!! And thanks for sharing your heart, too. Blessings.
Ros Crawford said…
I do hope you are feeling better ... We all have those times believe me! I'm glad you have found comfort and shared with us here at OBW ... Many thanks! Take care
Lorraine said…
I don't know what your situation is but I can sympathize with work that causes stress. So glad that you are able to refocus. I try to use art as therapy myself. It puts me in such a better place. I absolutely love your tea tag.
Meihsia Liu said…
Love all the beautiful embellishments on your gorgeous tag! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. :)
Lorraine said…
light and darkness, yin and yang, sun and moon all are part of the cyclical nature of life..glad you have art and faith as I do to explore these issues
stefanie stark said…
Although you had to face such a difficult time you created wonderful art! I especially love the tag. It's wonderful and unique! Sometimes I think, as we need black color to put depth into our artwork we may probably need also some "black moments" in life to have a certain depth in it. Without that I think it becomes flat and superficial. Your notes and thoughts are very often so helpful for me and I'm sure as soon as you will have overcome this messy time you will have even more wisdom to share than before. Best wishes to you from Germany!
Manuela said…
fantastic projecsts, and the glasses with the beads are great!
Hope you are feeling better now!
Thanks for sharing with us at "OBW"
anja curvers said…
Wow this looks very pretty and so many details. Thank you for joining us over at Tag You're It.
Julie Lee said…
I am so sorry that you're having a stressful time at work. It is great that you can find peace through your beliefs; your beautiful art work and that your students are a source of joy.
Jeanne J. said…
Every time I look I see something new! A masterpiece! I love this!
Create With Joy said…
I've been enjoying reading your thoughts on life, family, creativity and faith as much as I enjoy seeing what you've created each week!

Congratulations Arnoldo - you are one of our Featured Guests this week at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy - had a tough time picking which piece to share (as always) but I'll leave the surprise for your visit.

Enjoy your week!
Kim Dellow said…
What a wonderful layered page, love all the details. Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and sorry I'm late coming around to comment! Thanks for the shout out too. Kx