Never Leave Home Without Them!

I never leave home without some art supplies - even when I'm just taking my daughter to swim practice!  I have a small sketchbook and pen that I carry with me at all times.  In addition, I have two traveling art kits that I carry whenever possible.  One of them is a 12"x4"x2" art bin that is divided into several compartments.  I carry the essentials - pencils, a couple of markers, glue stick, small art tools, small pieces of ephemera, and several other items.  The bin is the right size to carry most anywhere I go.  The second kit is a scrapbook briefcase that I've filled with various kinds of paper, a watercolor set, brushes, paper cutters, rulers, and much, much more.  I use the briefcase when I'm going to be away for a week or so.  It is so relaxing to me to sit at a bench, café, hotel room, or anywhere else and work on my art work.  The following are examples of the artwork I've created on the go:

 Pencil drawing, watercolor painting, and calligraphy

 Colored pencil zoomorphic Celtic drawing, letter stamps and hand lettering
over a watercolor background and journaling

Pencil drawing, rub-on globe, and punched stars over a watercolor background and journaling

I'd love to hear about your art work on the go!