Tangle Homework

This is the kind of homework I like - Creative!  Last Monday, Sandy Steen Bartholomew gave her followers some homework from her book Yoga for Your Brain.  The task, create a page with variations on "Bales," which is an official Zentangle® pattern.  Since I like to be the best role model possible for my students, I did my homework.

I hope my teacher likes it, and can't wait to see what my fellow tanglers come up with.  Happy tangling!


I got a very positive review on this Zentangle from artist and author Sandy Steen Bartholomew, on her blog. She said, "Very nice! Isn't it fascinating how adding patterns to the center space, actually changes the shape of the whole tangle? What I mean is... the top version looks like a flower, right? You see the individual petals and read it like a cross shape. But the bottom tangles have flowers (very cool!) inside the space and you start to see the design more as a filled circle, rather than a cross. Does that make sense? The stripey Bales are a variation I haven't tried, too." (September 1, 2011 1:10 PM)

Thank you, Sandy!