Blessed Art

I am not Roman Catholic, but could not agree more with Pope Benedict XVI in the General Audience YouTube video below.  As quoted in the video, "Art is an open door on the infinite, which opens the eyes of the mind and the heart."

I have always believed that art is a gift from God, rather it be in the visual arts, dance, music, literature, or other form of art.  Although I love writing icons and usually incorporate my religious views into my work, it doesn't necessarily have to be explicitly religious in its genre.  Landscapes, still lives portraits, architecture, interior design, classical music, ballet, etcetera can be reflective of God's gifts if they are righteous in nature.  In the words of Mr. Steve Turner, author of Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts, "If we want to see art that challenges the prevailing secularism we need artists who are not only skillful but also theologically well equipped, grounded in a fellowship and living obedient lives."

Therefore, without further ado, I leave you with Pope Benedict XVI.  Blessings!