Tea-Bag Fold Window Card

About a month ago, Kristina Werner featured a "Punched Double Fold Card" in her blog.  I liked the idea of the window, and thought it could be used to feature a piece of origami or other piece of art.  Since she didn't have a challenge this week, I decided to create a challenge for myself!

I designed a triptych card with a circular window, in which I attached a tea-bag fold ornament.  I created the card by cutting an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock lengthwise, to form a 4 1/2"  x 11" strip.  I laid the strip horizontally and scored it at 2 3/4" and at 8 1/4" from the left short end.  Then, I folded the 2 side flaps in and centered a circular template on the opening.  I traced the circle with a pencil, to use as a guide.  Next, I opened the flaps and cut the half-circles out with my shape cutter and template.  The foundation was done.

To decorate the card, I used eight 2" pieces of paper to make the tea-bag fold ornament.  There are many sites on-line that teach you how to make them, but I used one from the book Creative Paper Folding.  Then, I used a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of Asian themed paper to line the inside of the card.  Next, I attached the tea-bag fold ornament to the center of the window with a miniature brad.  On a 3/4" x 1 1/2" piece of coated chipboard, I wrote "Joy" in Kanji and English calligraphy.  I attached it to the bottom right hand corner.  I finished the card by signing my name on the inside in Hiragana and Spanish.

The foundation is not very difficult to make, but it does take time to measure and make the cuts and scores.  There are lots of possibilities to decorate the inside of the window, since you could use a stamped image or other embellishment.  I'd love to see your spin on it, so please comment with a link to your blog.  Blessings!