Last Friday evening was the opening reception for the "Take Nothing for the Journey" art exhibit at the Cathedral House Gallery, in San Antonio, Texas.  I was thrilled to get a lot of positive feedback on the three icons that I had on exhibit from both friends and guests that attended the event.  Although I have not sold any of them yet, they will remain on display through December the 30th, so I know they will get plenty of exposure.  God willing, all of the other artists' pieces and mine will be sold, since at least 20% of all sales will be donated to various ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

Feeling blessed by the whole experience, as well as the holiday coming up, I was inspired to create a line of Thanksgiving Cards.  A few days ago, I bought the Martha Stewart's Large Wreath Double Punch, so decided to use parts of it in all the cards.  Although it's supposed to be used for Christmas projects, I enjoyed challenging myself to use it for my Thanksgiving cards.  I also punched various other shapes, such as leaves and butterflies, to layer and create some dimension and interest to my designs.  Finally, I embellished them with calligraphy, a leaf stamp, and natural jute cording.

In this card, I used Card Positioning Systems' Week #244 layout.  However, I changed the oval focal point to a tag.  I also curved the top corners of the card to mimic the shape of the tag.

In this set of cards, I continued to play with the tag concept.  However, I changed the layouts, as well as the positioning of the card from vertical to horizontal.  Notice that I also layered the punched shapes all around the perimeter of some of the wreath, while in others, I only accented a portion of the wreath.

I this last set of cards, I dropped the tag concept.  Instead, I played around with corner punches, shaped strips, and layouts.  I placed the wreaths within Artist Trading Cards for two of them.  For the turkey card, I was inspired by an old K. Werner design.  However, I used the inner part of the punch to fill in the back between the tail feathers, I tweaked with the layout, and I neutralized the color scheme.

I hope the recipients of these cards will enjoy getting them as much as I enjoyed making them.  Although Thanksgiving is typically an American holiday, I know there are similar celebrations around the world.  Therefore, whatever these may be, I hope they are filled with blessings for you and your loved ones.  (By the way, I only have two followers, so I invite others reading this blog to join them.)


Adri Munhoz said…
Arnoldo, they are awesome! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing. Hugs
Unknown said…
These cards look great, Arnoldo! I love the turkey one! I remember when Kristina did this, and as we knew an American couple who were living in Australia at the time, I made one for them. It's nice to see a similar one done here by you!