Needing a Little Christmas

I had a rough week.  Nothing of a grave nature, thank God, but definitely unnerving.  My antidote - prayer for the spirit and a little Christmas for the mind.  (Yes, I should exercise for the body, but I haven't gotten there yet.  LOL!)  Inspired by Kristina Werner's "Holiday Card Series 2011," I came up with some Christmas designs of my own.

The first set I made was inspired by Kristina's Day 10 design, in which she pieced a patterned block.  I used the same technique to create a flower and enhanced it with a button.  For my designs, I decided to use a tag format for the focal point.

The second set I made was inspired by her Day 6 design.  She made a pattern for punching and embroidering a tree shape on card stock.  I liked it so much, that I incorporated it into my own designs.

Finally, I made as set inspired by her Day 25 snowmen design.  However, I used a Martha Stewart Snowman punch instead of a stamp.  It was fun dressing up the snowmen and playing with different layouts for the cards.

Anyway, I feel much better.  Thank you, God, and may next week be better...  How was your week?.


Terri said…
I watch her series too. These turned out really well. Very nice! I am inspired!
Unknown said…
Love what you've done, Arnoldo! I hope this week has got off to a better start for you!
Thank you, Terri and Tanya, glad you've enjoyed the cards. Thus far, this week has been better. Blessings!
Adri Munhoz said…
Arnoldo, I'm happy you feel better!
You made lots of that, and they are adorable.
I just started to make my christmas cards, and I'd like to gift some of them to my mummy and my mother in law... lots to do!