It Looks Like Christmas!

Despite one of the most hectic years in the my years in the education world ever, my family and I were able to complete this year's Christmas decorating on Saturday.  To celebrate, my wife and I had a few of our best friends over for some Christmas spirits on Saturday - we had a wonderful time!  We even finished most of our Christmas shopping yesterday, and my daughters helped me bake some of our favorite Christmas treats.  Therefore, at our home, it's beginning to feel, look, sound, smell and taste just like Christmas!

In the entry way, my youngest daughter arranged our white ceramic nativity scene.  Because I didn't want to take away from its importance, all I did was hang a Santa hat on a desk chair next to it.  I believe the setting is very peaceful looking.

On the formal dining room table, I made a simple pine cone and gold ball arrangement in a crystal bowl that used to belong to my mother.

The focal point of our formal living area is definitely the Christmas tree.  This year, we switched to LCD Christmas lights.  Although I prefer the warmer glow of regular Christmas lights, I know these lights are much more energy efficient.  In addition, the bluish gleam of this lights makes it look like snow.  As usual, we decorated the tree with a fine Christmas ornaments, some that my daughters made throughout the years, and some vintage ones I've collected.  They all have a story to them, including the skirt, which my mom made for me many years ago.  Now I need to finish wrapping presents to put under the tree!

In the den area, I have a much more "Country Living" look.  I feature our Early American, Mexican, and other rustic pieces, which blend quite well.  We often get compliments about how warm and cozy our home looks, which is what we want for our guests.

In front of the fireplace, we have a sitting area with a winged table that is perfect for board games or extended sitting for large dinner groups.

That's my chair and my Tipper, looking as royal as ever.  Behind the chair, I have an old screen which I decorated with some rustic ornaments I made several years ago.  I also have a vintage step ladder with climbing elves, which used to belong to my wife's mother, leaning against an old entertainment center.

This concludes the end of the tour, which hopefully you enjoyed.  I also decorated other areas of our home, but don't want to overwhelm you with it.  May your Christmas be filled with the love, joy and peace that can only be found in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Unknown said…
Arnoldo, your home looks beautifully decorated for Christmas! I love the Nativity set too!
Thank you, Tanya, and Merry Christmas!
Adri Munhoz said…
Fantastic decoration! I Love every single detraio.
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you, Adri. Glad you enjoyed the pictorial tour. Merry Christmas!
Adri Munhoz said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family!