Seaside and Other Summer Fun Places

In my family, Summer is a time for relaxation, trips, and explorations.  Although not extravagant or expensive, we always have fun.  As with other artists, daily life experiences influence my art work.  This was most evident in my Matthew 26:34Camping, and Green posts, in which I documented my family's trip to the Big Bend National Park area, in Texas, through photographs and art work.  Sometimes, these inspirational experiences are from the past, as is the case in this post.

This is my family and me in the Corpus Christi, Texas, Shoreline Drive walkway park area.
Summer 2011
© Arnoldo L. Romero, 2012
La Canción de la Sirena - The Song of the Mermaid
"Lotería" Card Tag
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2012
This tag is inspired by a game that I used to play as a child during the summers called "Lotería," which is the Mexican equivalent to Bingo.  (I also introduced it to my daughters when they were young, as a means to develop their vocabulary and cultural awareness.)  All Lotería sets have 54 cards, which are named and numbered.  However, instead of calling out the numbers for the players to fill their boards, cards are drawn one at a time and called out by their name.  Anyway, one of the cards is "La Sirena," or the mermaid, which is card number 6.  Mermaids are mythical aquatic creatures that are half-woman and half-fish, and have appeared in various cultures throughout the world. According to a myth, they used their singing to lure sailors to catastrophe.  For my ginormous tag, I worked on Daler-Rowney 100% Cotton paper.  I used Faber-Castell artist India ink pens and Sakura micron pens for the drawing, lining and lettering.  I designed a miniature corner embellishment on a seaside Art-C tile scene using sand, a shell, faux pearls, wire, a metal seahorse, a star stamp, a scrap of greenish paper, and a Tim Holtz blank charm.  I also used a Tim Holtz grungeboard number "6" and a K&Company frame to complete my mixed media collage.  As a finishing touch, I added a tassel made with greenish ribbons and a shimmery fiber wire.  By the way, my mermaid is nice and has just come to the seaside to invite you to enjoy the ocean - LOL!  I am submitting this for my Tag Tuesday-Seaside post, as well as to Take a Word-Music, and Collage Obsession-Mermaids.

Date Night
iPhone 4 Photograph
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2012
Twenty Minute Sketch
5x7" Art Journal Pen & Ink
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2012
American Red
12x15" Pastel
© Arnoldo L. Romero
Another Summer activity that I enjoy is having a date night with my wife at our favorite wine place, which has a fabulous outdoor patio and live music.  I am submitting my photograph to 52photos Project - Gallery 10 {Release}.  It is a composition I did on the spot when my wife and I were out.  The owners grow grapes in the patio and gave us a sampling of their small, but delicious grapes to have with our wine.  I used the photograph as inspiration to do a pen and ink sketch for my Twenty Minute Challenge post.  As you can see, I changed the composition a bit, because I  used it as a study for the pastel piece.  My wife's cousin asked me to do a piece in which there was a wine bottle and where red was the featured color.  I hope she likes it.  I am submitting this pastel piece to Artists Play Room #16 Red & White...& Blue, since I'll be having an American red wine to celebrate the 4th of July - I'll drink to Canada's birthday too!  I am also submitting it to Paint Party Friday - Week 16.

I'll be driving up to the Dallas/Ft Worth area to spend the 4th of July weekend with family.  Hopefully I'll find new inspiration.  As usual, you are invited to leave a comment and/or join my list of followers.  That is one of the most encouraging things you can do to inspire me to continue to create.  Thank you for stopping by, have a marvelous week, and blessings!


A said…
wspaniale wygląda Wasze rodzinne zdjęcie :) a syrena jest olśniewająca! pozdrawiam! sounds lke you guys are having a wonderful tme on your have a beautiful family and it's so cute you have a 'date night'... your mermaid tag is very pretty...Mel :)
Jennifer McLean said…
youdid a wonderful job on this painting, I love it. The candle holder is spectacular, looks just how I remember them looking, lol.
Tenia Nelson said…
Awesome work as always!!!
famfa said…
Thanks for visiting. What a lovely read. Beautiful work. Happy 4th july
Kaylene said…
Thank you for sharing, holidays are always fun.
Borqna said…
Many dear Arnoldo,
I'm pleasantly surprised by your post today!
Very nice photo! You have a great family! Very beautiful and smiling.
I read in detail and see your blog. But I couldn't leave comments. For that I apologize.
/ I've promised to make cards with sizes. But I didn't this and I am very ashamed. So I don't write comments here. /
Today we again see great projects -
Mermaid, wine with the glasses ...
Really fantastic!
I like the colors and design. Beautiful work!
Happy 4th july!
Jean Baardsen said…
I enjoyed your artwork, and your stories! Interesting to hear about the bingo-like game. My Mom was a great fan of bingo!
VonnyK said…
Love your take on red, white and blue, beautiful pastel work. Wonderful that you make time to have date night with your wife.
Deann said…
Awesome mermaids...your family looks like a lot of fun so rock on and have a wonderful 4th!
Terrie said…
Beautiful work - I'm seeing your name all over the place now as I visit other blogs - you're entering your great drawings in challenges everywhere! Good for you!
mrsmaynard said…
Love your Mother of God's really captured me. Thanks for commenting over on my blog, glad to make your acquaintance, your very talented.
Winnie said…
I had a great time reading your post as always. I enjoyed reading about that game. I am thinking it is such a great way to learn words and numbers etc. Your mermaid is just fabulous. I love your sketch work and your still life. My hubby and I go to a vineyard every year for a week on vacation in Oct as we honeymooned there as well. They let us pick some grapes and have breakfast overlooking the vines. It is truly a fabulous experience. Hope you had fun with your family and friends today.
These are lovely, and I enjoyed reading about the history behind the mermaid card.
Tracy said…
Great take on the Artist's Play Room theme! Love popping over here to see your artwork. You have been a busy with such fun this summer! Warmly, Tracy
Neesie said…
It's always a pleasure to pop over to your are obviously making so wonderful memories.
I think date nights are a brilliant idea.
Love your 20 minute sketch and pastel Arnoldo.
Neesie (APR#11)
Lori Saul said…
A great version of the loteria card- she is wonderful!
Your 'American Red' pastel is beautiful, Arnoldo!
minnemie said…
Very incredible pastel still life! You handled all those glass objects so well!!
Gloria j Zucaro said…
Another wonderful drawing and ensuing pastel. I love the squiggles in the background that signify the greenery in the finished piece. I love your mermaid collage piece and all the neat"beachy" attachments. The game sounds like a lot of fun. I so admire your family ties.
Serena Lewis said…
Another wonderful post brimming with goodies. A happy family pic! Your mermaid card tag is lovely as are all your other art projects. I particularly love your pen and ink sketch.

I hope you had a great July 4th weekend ~ :)
Tracey FK said…
love the still life... in all its forms.... and hope you have had a great 4th of July... celebrating with a red sounds perfect to me... we may just toast both you and Canada tonight with an Australian Red... any excuse!!!!
I'm here from APR and I loved the American Red. Very festive. Nice addition to Jenn's challenge.
Netty said…
Loving your beautiful tag and your quick sketch. Beautiful work. Happy PPF, Annette x
Patrice said…
I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Love that mermaid - I hope you'll link up at 52 Card Pickup again this week!