My Studio

Art, books, music, incense, vintage items, my dogs and a glass of wine... that's my studio!  I feel so blessed to have this place, that sometimes I believe that God has granted me a little piece of Heaven on Earth.  When working on a project, I've been known to spend hours in here and only leave when my family needs me - LOL!

I love vintage items and like to create assemblages with them.  I also like to find creative ways to use them.  Some of the items I've repurposed are the coke crate, which I use to store punches, and the oil can display which I've used during art shows to display my cards.  (I attached the Fleur-de-lis to the top.)

The first thing you'll see as you enter my studio is my lounge chair, a gift from my Mother-in-Law, that is topped with a throw and lots of pillows.  It is a great place to sit to read or just take a nap.  In front of it, there's an ice cream table, which I inherited from my wife's grandmother.  I use it when meeting with clients and during art lessons.  I also have an easel in the corner which I use to display some of my work and when working on large acrylic pieces.  (I've had this easel since I was 15 years old - it's an antique!)

Against the opposite wall I have two bookshelves, which house my vast collection of art books.  I treasure my books and refer to them regularly.  After all, my motto is - Read, Explore, Create!

The second book shelf has drawers, which I use to store art supplies.  In the collection of vintage boxes between my shelves, I store finished cards and other small items that I've completed.  The boxes also serve as props during my art shows.

Last, but not least, is my old and faithful drafting table.  It's solid Oak and I've had it since I was in college.  I bought it from my one of my uncles, who was a map maker.

Oh, I almost forgot.  This is Tipper, my Greyhound and one of my 3 "studio" dogs.  I also have Bo, a Boston Terrier, and Rossy, a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix.  Tipper loves to sit by my drafting table as I work and hold guard.  Bo sits in front of the drafting table and Rossy on my lounge chair.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my studio.  Blessings!


Unknown said…
Hi Arnoldo! Your studio looks great! It has such a nice warm feel to it! Tipper looks really comfy there, and I love your re-purposed oil can display! What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! :)
Thank you for your kind words, Tanya.