Art Smorgasbord - Pathways

Life is filled with with a plethora of pathways for us to choose from.  They come in all types of configurations such as straight, windy, or narrow, and may arouse a broad array of emotions such as grief and exuberance.  However, even the darkest pathways are manageable if we abide in Him, and He in us (John 15:4).

Harmonious Pathway
Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Gardens, San Antonio, Texas
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2013
52 Photos Project: Gallery 44 {Harmony}
Inspiration Avenue - Which Road?
Orange You Glad It's Friday #27
Health Pathway
Alphabet - Letter G
Micron Pens, Prismacolor Pencils and Letter Stamp
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2013
Tag Tuesday
Artists in Blogland
Sunday Sketches
Literate Pathway
Griffin Book Plate
Micron Pens, Gouache, and Prismacolor Pencils
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2013
Artist's Play Room #45 - Books
Crazy Amigo Challenge - Weird
Paint Party Friday - Week 50 Year 2
Loving Pathway
I John 4:7
Potograph, Micron Pens, Pastels, Heart punched from Traci Bautista Print, & Tim Holtz Die Swirl
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2013
Word Art Wednesday #68
What's On Your Workdesk? #194
Mandarin Orange Monday #31
The Timeless Pathway
John 14:6
Micron Pens, Prismacolor Pencil, & K&Company Arrow
© Arnoldo L. Romero 2013
Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Use an Arrow
Twenty Minute Challenge
The Three Muses -From Time to Time
Illustration Friday - Whisper
May your pathways be filled with strength, courage and wisdom to overcome any challenges you may encounter.  ¡Vaya con Dios!  Go with God!


Christine said…
wonderful work this week! Happy PPF!
JKW said…
OMGosh, I love this. This is the right Pathway John 14:6. Blessings, Janet PPF
Unknown said…
Thank you....your blog had the perfect words for me this morning....I am climbing an uphill path,at the moment,with no end in sight....I pray for strength ,many times a day....God bless you.
sharon said…
Great work as usual. Blessings
Lynn Cohen said…
I enjoy your plethora of artistic styles! Always filled with uplifting messages! HPPF!
Jennifer McLean said…
what a terrific book plate! I never thought of making my own, great idea! Have a good upcoming weekend Arnoldo.
Raine said…
Beautiful work! HPPF! :)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and inspirational words :) HPPF
Kokopelli said…
LOVE the griffin! Happy PPF!
Giggles said…
A very spiritual post...and all verses I have known since childhood!! When in doubt...Let go and let god!!

Hugs Giggles
Lorraine said…
like your drawings..especially the gym one as I love going the gym..always find what you write very inspiring
Lin said…
Hi Arnoldo! Love your entry into our arrow challenge this week at the Simon Says Stamp challenge. Thanks so much for playing along with us!
Teri said…
Wonderful as always. I so enjoy visiting.
Victoria said…
Hi a deeply powerful post of love and faith...very moving! I love it all..I am so drawn to the first photo of the harmonious pathway..gorgeous..and i LOVE the sketch of touching..the eyes so loving and gentle! and the bookplate too..super beautiful ! Every time I visit is like meditation for the soul,heart and the spirit!
Shine on..
Jez said…
Beautiful artwork, every one, and I particularly like the ABC pictures. Thanks for a nice post to read.
Anne Manda said…
Inspiring pieces, love your photo of sun dappled stairs and Ex libris especially - very unique!
Linda Kunsman said…
Your posts always have a nice variation of art projects Arnoldo. I epsecially love your thoughts and photo for the IA challenge.
Yes, vaya con Dios.
PS- one of your comments to me last week spurred me on to work with my gelli prints-so thank you!
bellefrogworks said…
All your work is always so different and all so good. I love your Jesus drawing - he is not "pretty" and the Bible tells us he won't be in Isaiah. Thank you as always for sharing your faith boldly as we are asked to do. HPPF
Paula (PEP) said…
Those two journal pages are rather special. The lettering of the first is lovely with the flourish & heart & I do like the way you used the arrow in the sec on.
Have a lovely weekend.
Paula (PEP)
G is for exercise also because it is only GOD who GIVES me the GRACE and GUMPTION to GET off my GLUTEOUS-MAXIMUS and GET to the GYM!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art with us again this week, Arnoldo. It's always a blessing!
Word Art Wednesday
Netty said…
Loving your wonderful offerings, they are all fab. Happy PPF, Annette xx
Darla said…
As usual there is so much to see in your posts and I like it all. The bookplate is a clever entry for the APR challenge.

Gloria j Zucaro said…
I love your Ex Libris tag for the APR challenge. My other favorite is your "Beloved" page with the older couple.
Have a great week, Arnoldo.
Winnie said…
Such beautiful inspiration as always, both spirtually and in artful ways. Your journal page with Jesus on it is remarkable, and so is the love letter, truer words were never written. Fun Anel is moving along nicely. She does better at excerising than me! Hope the storms this week have not been to harsh in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the weekend!
TwinkleToes2day said…
Fab lot of art as usual Arnoldo. I'm impressed with Anel going to the gym. She's a good example to her peers :0) Mo
Tracey FK said…
a rich and wonderful visit as always... I like how you link together your work for the week in such a coherent way... and the bookmark is fab...xx
Aranthe said…
Beautiful work (as usual!), but that photo of the Episcopal Diocese and the "Loving Pathway" word art piece are particularly appealing to me. The flourish in the latter frames the word "God" and the heart so well. (And I'm still trying to figure out whether the heart is a 3D element or simply a well-executed 2D one.)
stefanie stark said…
I like your creativity and the quotes so much! And it such a great idea to create these different pathways (harmony, health, literature, love and of course the timeless one). Great work!
Bela mensagem...Espectacular....
Faye said…
Beautiful post, Arnorldo. I love the way you have illustrated some well-loved scriptures.
Leovi said…
Ese Armonioso Camino es una foto fantástica, pura poesía. Saludos.
Aloquin said…
Amen :) Wonderful use of your art to bring glory to God. Beautiful entry for Illustration Friday!
Yvonne said…
Fabulous pieces of art!
Suburban Girl said…
True words and beautiful work.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful work as always ~ Lots of talent ^_^ ~ Enjoy the weekend .
Unknown said…
More art work to ponder over thank you Dxx
Alice said…
arnoldo - i love the last page you show us - John 14:16, always one of my favorite verses. one of the first my daughter memorized. your art always touches my heart and i love to come to your page. thanks for sharing your testimony with us through your art :)
April said…
That pathway is inspirational as is your art. April #130
Beautiful words and you have such wonderful creative projects to show this week :0)
Have a Happy and blessed week
Heather #72
another wonderful post Arnoldo!
Thank you!
xxx Susi
Currie Silver said…
I love the way you make everything in your World weave together and dance. It is quite a treat to read you on this Sunday morning.
Unknown said…
Hi. Especially love the gym sketch. Made me smile. :)
Debbie said…
great verse and thanks for the encouraging words to go with it! I enjoyed your diverse art this week!
Unknown said…
LOVE that griffin book plate! It's absolutely gorgeous, the colors! Awesome work there! I used to have prismacolor colored pencils, they were amazing!
Lisabella Russo said…
I love how you combine your writings with your art! It's quite moving. Also your photograph of the pathway is gorgeous!
VonnyK said…
Such a beautiful post. I love the G is for gym, so cute.
Serena Lewis said…
Nice work, Arnoldo! :)
Unknown said…
So much beautiful and thoughtful artwork, so inspiring!
Gorgeous journal page with the scripture...inspiring! Your G page is adorable as well! Love the photo of the climbing steps!
maria said…
Beautiful as always Arnoldo. A late visit from OYGIF.

Sweet and Juicy Cantaloupe
Sharon Wagner said…
I love the unknown of new and hopefully adventurous pathways. May yours be filled with wonder as well!
Anonymous said…
As always, a beautiful and thoughtful post. God Bless you.
Arnoldo: Do you play "Draw Something" on your I-Phone? I would love to see your drawings if you do. Let me know. You would really crack up to find out what an awful artist I really am!!!