O is for Our World

In his omnipotence, God filled our world of nature with many wonders, such as the gorgeous Monarchs that visit my garden every year!  It's just not autumn for my family until we see a scout pass through our garden, which is followed by swarms of others about a day or two later.  (As a matter of fact, my young adult girls, who are currently living in Central Texas, grieve not being able to see them this year.)  They come in waves for at least a week, covering the branches of our trees.  We don't have many deciduous trees in Southwest Texas, due to our semi-desert climate, but we don't need them with the glorious colors of fall that these incredible creatures bring when they gather on our tree branches.  It's an awe inspiring feeling to walk out into the garden and see them flutter off the branches as I walk through.  These fascinating migrating creatures, travel for over 2,000 miles from August through October, flying from Canada and the United States of America to the trans-volcanic mountains of central Mexico.  Females lay their eggs along their migratory route, so it takes up to three generations of Monarchs to complete the flight.  For this reason, many of us plant milkweed in our gardens, which Monarchs love.

The Monarchs In My Garden
iPhone 4s Photo
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Denise, Roger & Leslie's ABC Wednesday - O is for Our World
Autumn Angel
Tim Holtz Tissue Tape, Mini Staples, Distress Inks, and Various Embossing Folders and Die Cuts; McGill & EKSuccess Punches; Handmade Skeletal Leaf Paper; DCWV Cardstock Prints; and More.
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Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.  I also want to thank the Design Teams at Let's Get Arty and Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge for spotlighting two of my pieces during the last couple of weeks.  I was honored and humbled by their kind words about my work.  It truly motivates me to do better.  Blessings to all!


Valerie-Jael said…
Lots to see on your lovely post this week, thanks for linking your monster page to Art Journal Journey, Valerie
sheila 77 said…
Great work being highlighted at these two challenges, well-deserved of course.
How amazing to see all these butterflies, that must be such a wonderful sight.
Your autumn angel is delightful with these lovely soft autumn colours.

I have to say that I hope your dragon escapes being defeated as you have painted the friendliest and sweetest dragon, and he looks like a young dragon too. Lovely art for the Architecture challenge, Arnoldo, thanks!
Ros Crawford said…
Amazing photos!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at OBW!! Have a beautiful day!
sirkkis said…
Beautigul art all in this post, Arnold. Found your artjournal page and came to say it is fabulous!
Those butterflies are fascinating and I am in love with your autumn angel and the beautiful Journal Page for Art Journal Journey!
Thank you very much for joining us!
Mandy said…
Such beautiful photographs Arnoldo, what an amazing sight they must be.
Your card is absolutely gorgeous! I love the pretty Angel wings and the design is wonderful.
Your art journal page is fabulou too, your dragon looks awesome.
Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
Mandy xx
Unknown said…
Hi Arnoldo

Those little and precious creatures come from the same person as you and i do... created in love as we are...
Your post speaks of love and that.. is most precious, isnt it.
I always love to notice peoples love for his fellow-creature.

Have a nice abc-day/-week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)
Indrani said…
I am stunned by the butterfly captures! Amazing to see so many together.Your creation is fantabulous!
Anonymous said…
amazing one.
Deepa said…
This is the best post I have read in this prompt.
Loved it
photowannabe said…
The Monarchs are like beautiful jewels or Ornaments hung on a tree.
How lucky of you to have the monarchs. I have always wanted to see so many of them when they migrate. I also love your pieces-your dragon page is my favorite. It is a joyful and playful piece!
anja curvers said…
Wow this is stunning. Thanks for joining us over at Tag You're It.
Your angel card is just gorgeous!!! I LOVE her wings and the halo of light! Beautiful!
I worry about the survival of the monarchs, whose habitats are disappearing!

jill said…
I could look at butterflies all day . they are so pretty aren't they.
Some lovely crafting projects you've shown us as well today . Happy woyww Jill #15
Gorgeous photos Arnoldo and love your Autumn Angel, she's lovely. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24
Sue said…
What beautiful butterflies.

Loving your work.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #20
Diana Taylor said…
What a wonderful blog post - and what an amazing experience to see those beautiful butterflies in such large numbers - I bet it's breathtaking. Your card is gorgeous, I love the delicate autumn colours. Thanks so much for visiting my desk earlier, I hope you have a great week,
Diana #30
Leslie: said…
Those are stunning shots of the monarchs in your garden! I wish I could see more of them, but they aren't that plentiful here. However, we do see lots of other types of butterflies. Thanks for dropping by and I sure hope "the Donald" doesn't get in - I heard Bernie Sanders on TV the other night. Seems a likeable sort - would he have a chance?

abcw team
Jeanne J. said…
Beautiful post filled with eye candy! Gorgeous angel card, beautiful dragon drawing.. and of course your nature shots!
Joyce said…
Such an elegant tag with so many pretty layers. Thanks so much for playing along at Tag you're It.
Anonymous said…
What a feast to see so many Monarchs at one time! I think you're someone who would do your best no matter if you ever would get recognition:) But it's great to be encouraged once in a while:)
carol l mckenna said…
Great post, photos and artwork for O ~ always creative here ~ thanks!

Happy Weekend coming your way,
artmusedog and carol
A big congratulations to you, Arnoldo, on having your beautiful art work showcased. I'm always SO grateful to have you share your talents wtih us. Have a wonderful week, and plese join us again soon.
Word Art Wednesday
DVArtist said…
That miracle of life shown through the butterflies. It is amazing isn't it? Wonderful photos. I absolutely love Autumn Angel. It is stunning. Your art is always so heartfelt. Congratulations on your art being featured. You deserve the credit for sure. Also thank you for the warm and encouraging comment.
Blessings you and your family
Valerie-Jael said…
Already commented so I'll just say Happy PPF, regards, Valerie
Marji said…
it must be amazing to witness the Monarch's migration. you are so lucky to experience it. I love the thought of planting milkweed in the garden to help them along their journey. Lovely artwork.
Giggles said…
Wow impressive monarchs!!What an exciting time.. great artwork as well.. thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles
Unknown said…
Be proud of yourself! Huge congrats. Your work is wonderful ... adore the autumn angel. hugs, Donna
Linda Kunsman said…
I can just imagine seeing so many monarchs in flight -truly another of nature's bountiful gifts! Love your autumn angel as well as your other projects. You always have such a nice variation to share Arnoldo.
Christine said…
Beautiful monarchs and a feisty dragon page for the challenges!
Susan said…
Fab art journal page! I have a passion flower vine to attract fritillary butterflies. I must say I don't love it when the caterpillars eat it to a nub but it always comes back to serve the next generation. Happy PPF
Tracey FK said…
the butterfly migration sounds amazing, and the photos mean we get to share a tiny part of it... but that dragon drawing really stole my eye... simply amazing
Ariel said…
Love your angel card. Monarch butterflies are a favorite of mine
Wish you a great weekend
Oh wow, how lucky you are!! I would love to see the Monarch swarms some day myself. I heard much about them and they are intriguing. Beautiful photos and art work! Thank you for joining us at OBW :)
Jo said…
Beautiful story and photos.
Kate Robertson said…
Wonderful work. Love the Autumn angel and the dragon is great, as is the quote. Happy PPF

Trubes said…
From The Monarchs to the lovely Angel.
Thank you for sharing,
Best wishes,

Anewdawn 16 said…
wow...ur work is wows me everytime i visit ur blog !!!!
Beth Niquette said…
A wonderful message and such beautiful artwork. I love your pictures of the butterflies. I am in awe when I see these gatherings of wings. I also adore your autumn angel, and the dragon painting touched my heart this morning. Thank you!
Anna-Karin said…
Such beautiful photos and that must be a wonderful sights to see. Your autumn angel is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing with us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!!
Deb said…
Another wonderful journal page. Thank you for sharing it with us at Let's Get Arty. Your garden photos are amazing.
Kelly said…
Lovely pieces. that Fall Angel is very pretty. I like your sentiments about dragons and fairy tales. Very thoughtful. Thank you for doing your part to help the Monarch. I'm putting in a bed next spring for them. Creative Blessings! Kelly #47
Anonymous said…
love the nature.
Beautiful butterflies and creations! I just love all the amazing animals God gives up to view in nature! Thank you for playing along in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge! Have a blessed day!

Charity - DT Member - Word Art Wednesday
http://collectivecreativity.blogspot.com (my personal blog)
mandysea said…
oh wow on the facts about monarchs! What a wonderful thing to see in your garden! Beautifully wrapped gifts - love the autumn leaves on them. And your dragon is FABULOUS! wow... thanks for playing along with Let's get Arty!
Ludkasz said…
Beautiful works and photos :) Thank you for taking part in our fun in the Let's Get Arty :)
OriBella said…

Beautiful works, beautiful pictures, you have a talent :) Gretings:)
Create With Joy said…
Hi Arnoldo,

This week, I am hosting an ESV Men's Devotional Bible Giveaway and I thought of you - it ends on Monday so please stop by and check it out - have an amazing week! :-)